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Charlie & Nicola's bright summer wedding at Stoke Place!

25 August 2016
Filmed at: Stoke Place

It was early summer glory for Charlie & Nicola’s wedding day and we had a great time creating their wedding film. We had meet the stunning newlyweds nearly a year before, after they approached us to arrange a meet up at the studio to discuss their wedding plans. From the beginning it was clear how important and special their wedding day was to them; and from that meeting it simply made us want to capture the day more for them. You see, as a wedding film maker, its not only the here and now which is important, its also taking the time to reflect that how important the wedding film will be in the years to come as well. Afterall, its not very often you have all your family and friends in one place at the same time.

The wedding service was filmed at a beautiful Catholic Church in Rickmansworth, however, Charlie and Nicola had one set back and that being their first reception choice venue cancelling on them with only months prior the big day. But they searched ahead and instead found the perfect wedding reception venue which is Stoke Place and the rest was history! Stoke Place offers an exclusive wedding celebration location and although offers a large estate for a wedding, everything still seems perfectly intimate and warm.

Its been a pleasure meeting Charlie & Nicola. They are a wonderful couple who wanted to have the best start in married life, and they did. We hope you all enjoy this highlights film and it brings back memories on what truly was a bright summer wedding at Stoke Place!x