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From Liverpool to London to Gaynes Park!

12 June 2016
Filmed at: Gaynes Park

Our newlyweds Bilal and Claire hosted a splendid wedding day at Gaynes Park. A really lovely couple who welcomed us to come along to film their day. Sadly we did not get to meet the newlyweds until the day itself, however we felt very much part of the occasion and really loved the atmosphere of the day. The family and friends of the couple were really upbeat, and as usual, this certainly makes the day even better!

Bilal and Claire have many treasured memories together, as Bilal mentioned to us, they have been a couple for 10 years now after meeting at work in Liverpool and then making the journey down to London for work in the present day. This film records the beginning of a brand new chapter for them and we wish them all the luck, love and best wishes in the world!

Enjoy the highlights film of what truly was a special occasion at Gaynes Park! x