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Memories with smiling hearts for Gemma & Rhys at Down Hall

29 October 2018
Filmed at: Down Hall

It feels strange to think that Gemma & Rhys’ wedding day was probably the hottest day of the year! But thats because its now a cold autumn day and as we complete their wedding edit here in the studio and look back at their wedding day memories, the gorgeous weather simply takes us back.

For us it was a particular special occasion too as it was Martin’s birthday too (Creative director of SOVP). And what a fabulous occasion it truly was too and to be part of!

Gemma & Rhys met with us at the studio in Aston Village approx 8 weeks before their big day for a pre-wedding video meeting and they were such easy going and fun loving people. Over a cuppa we discussed the wedding plans ahead and learnt more about them and their wishes for the film. The wedding was all filmed at Down Hall, which is such a grand place and perfect for such an event. SOVP are no strangers to Down Hall Weddings and its always a pleasure to return time and time again.

It was sadly after the wedding, Gemma had some very sad news to tell us that her grandfather had passed away shortly after the wedding. Of course, we are fully aware that capturing memories on such a special day in a families life is also to ensure those loved ones present on the day can be filmed and remembered for years to come. However we recalled that Gemma’s grandfather did a reading during the marriage ceremony; and very well done too. In memory of this lovely man, we decided to include the entire reading in their highlights trailer. The words are very inspirational, lovingly read and told with such wisdom too.

It has been a pleasure capturing the memories for Gemma & Rhys. Their wedding was amazing; and so we hope the film gives them a taste and a lasting memory of their special occasion for many happy years to come!x